Preliminary testing


1. Effect on E. Coli

The aim of the in vitro study was to evaluate the antimicrobial efficiency of Ellirose™. The levels of E. Coli were analyzed with Ellirose™ as a preservative system.

Conclusion: This study showed that Ellirose™ has a direct antimicrobial effect. In 24 hours, the Escherichia coli content was reduced by 5 log compared to the initial Escherichia coli microbial contamination.


2. Bioavailability

The bioavailability of Ellirose™ has been evaluated in rats. After a single oral administration of Ellirose™, urine were collected from the rats and its composition was analyzed.


Conclusions: Some compounds found in Ellirose™ were discovered intact in the urine, demonstrating that Ellirose™ can cross intestinal and renal barriers.